Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Loma – 'Half Silences'

Loma's 'Half Silences' was one of my favourite songs of 2019 – but then it disappeared from the web just before the band released their last single, 'Ocotillo'. Turns out that 'Half Silences' was the first song recorded for Loma's forthcoming second album, Don't Shy Away. The band chose to revisit the mix, presumably to make the sound of the song more consistent with the other tracks on the new album.

'Half Silences' is driven by a terse, gritty rhythm track, creating an unsettling space in which the song unfolds. Emily Cross has rarely sounded quite so haunted as she does here, ominously shadowed by Jonathan Meiburg and Dan Duszynski's backing vocals. The glimmering synths and sound effects that flit around the mix like fireflies are fittingly echoed in the DIY video's fireworks, which spark out across the ink-black nightscape of Dripping Springs, Texas, where the album was recorded at Duszynski's studio, Dandysounds.

Even though 'Half Silences' has been around a good while, it remains one of my favourite Loma songs, especially now that the mix has been finessed. Fantastic stuff.  

Don't Shy Away is released by Sub Pop on 23rd October.  


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