Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Luna Kafe reviews, 2004

To anyone who reads this blog: I promise the posts will get a lot more interesting very soon! I'm currently archiving all of my writing, then I'll begin posting in earnest.

For now, here are my Luna Kafe reviews from 2004. Among them are some very personal pieces ('Silence or How Being A Music Fan Makes Me Vibrate', 'The Record Collector Is Dead' and my review of Panda Bear's Young Prayer), and probably one of my favourite reviews of one of my favourite albums (Bark Psychosis, Codename: Dustsucker). Enjoy.

The Shins + Iron & Wine + The Smallgoods, Corner Hotel, Richmond, Melbourne, 10.12.03

Silence or How Being A Music Fan Makes Me Vibrate

Big Day Out, Melbourne, 26.1.04

Olivia Tremor Control, Dust At Cubist Castle and Black Foliage

Explosions In The Sky, The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

Grandaddy, The Corner, Richmond, Melbourne, 8.5.04

Animal Collective, Sung Tongs

Manitoba + Four Tet, The Corner, Richmond, Melbourne, 11.6.04

One Hundred Years, Lindenow EP

The Microphones, Rob Roy, Melbourne, 1.7.04

The Record Collector Is Dead

Bark Psychosis, Codename: Dustsucker

Pilesar, demo

Iron & Wine + C. W. Stoneking + Grand Salvo, The Corner, Richmond, Melbourne, 4.10.04

Rose Et Noire, Rose Et Noire

Eddie The Rat, Lip-synching At Zero Gravity

Panda Bear, Young Prayer

My Ten Favourite Albums Of 2004

The Arcade Fire, Funeral

Kmotiv, The Abstraction Agenda

Brian Wilson Performs SMiLE, Regent Theatre, Melbourne, 9.12.04

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