Monday, 6 February 2012

Luna Kafe reviews, 2008

In 2008 I had the pleasure of reviewing Elisa Luu's Floating Sounds EP, released by net label Phantom Channel (which has now mutated from a label into a blog, written by Michael Henaghan). My label Hidden Shoal went on to release Elisa Luu's debut album Chromatic Sigh in 2009, with a second album due in 2012.

In 2008 I also began writing for another website called [sic] Magazine, which had just been started by Brett Holdaway. My first review published by [sic] was Deerhoof's Offend Maggie, which also appeared on Luna Kafe.

The National, The Corner, Melbourne, 19.1.08

The Seven Mile Journey, The Metamorphosis Project

Stilo, Lisboa Avenue

Pivot, East Brunswick Club, Melbourne, 28.3.08

Various, Phantom Channel Presents... Part 1

All India Radio, Fall and These Winter Dreams

Pivot, In The Blood EP

Pivot + Fabulous Diamonds, East Brunswick Club, 7.8.08

Elisa Luu, Floating Sounds EP

Rudi Arapahoe, Echoes From One To Another

Engine 7, Me, But Perfect

Various, Sounds Of Love

Deerhoof, Offend Maggie 

Top 10 Favourite Albums of 2008

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