Monday, 23 April 2012

Hidden Shoal artist profile: Markus Mehr

Markus Mehr
Markus Mehr creates textured ambient drone music that pulls you in like a magnet to the heart. It's subtle and beautiful - but can be prone to violent blasts of distortion and passages of bone-crushing intensity. Whether humming along like a barely perceptible background atmosphere or looming large in your face like a raging tsunami, this music is wonderfully suited to visual accompaniment. His music suits cutting-edge visuals, from industrial townscapes to womblike moments of personal reflection.

Markus's debut solo album Lava was released to critical acclaim in 2010. The following video is of single 'Cousteau', which features amazing visuals by artist Stefanie Sixt:

Markus's latest release, In, comprises two massive tracks, 'Komo' and 'Ostinato', that evolve majestically over the course of 25 minutes. Here's a clip of Markus and Stefanie performing 'Komo' live:

In is part one of an ambitious yet beautifully realised triptych, which continues with On (June 2011) and is completed by Off (January 2012).

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