Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hidden Shoal artist profile: Elisa Luu

Elisa Luu
Rome-based electronica artist Elisa Luu has an enviably light and precise touch. Though digitally crafted, her music is warm, inviting and uniquely human, betraying a vulnerability and sensitivity that is rarely found in the male-dominated sphere of electronica. With its sighing, lilting qualities, Elisa Luu’s music reawakens a sense of childlike wonder and adventure with every sprawling and sparkling track. It is ideally suited to visuals that portray moments of contemplation, transformation and redemption.

'Slow Bass Flute', taken from Elisa Luu's stunning debut album Chromatic Sigh, is part of my compilation of atmospheric/ambient tracks from the Hidden Shoal catalogue on Soundcloud:

Similarly dreamy is 'R3Son8':

Both these tracks are beatless, but when Elisa integrates electronic rhythms into her compositions, such as on 'Pixie Space Rock' and the following track 'Slowbeat', the results are equally beautiful:

Elisa Luu's new album will be released on Hidden Shoal later in the year, preceded by the single 'Se Fosse Per Me'.

If you're interested in licensing Elisa Luu's music for your creative project, please contact tim@dots-and-loops.com

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