Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hidden Shoal artist profile: Boxharp

American duo Boxharp create magical, ethereal pop music, expertly weaving electronic textures amid timeless, emotionally resonant songcraft. Vocalist Wendy Allen's pure and beautiful tone evokes Celtic hymns, while Scott Solter's glistening musical beds alternate between intimate and disorientating. Boxharp's songs are so wonderfully varied in style and tone that they could accompany a range of visuals - but perhaps best suit windswept, natural scenes.

To date, Boxharp have released the eclectic Loam Arcane EP and album The Green, both of which have received widespread critical acclaim.

The title track from The Green is included as part of my Hidden Shoal alt.pop/rock mix on Soundcloud:

A video for 'Rainbirds' is featured on my YouTube channel:

If you're interested in licensing Boxharp's music for your creative project, please contact

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