Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hidden Shoal artist profile: [The] Caseworker

[The] Caseworker
[The] Caseworker are a continent-spanning trio whose music has the feel of a shoegazing Velvet Underground reared by the Flying Nun label – the perfect balance of drone and chime. Their hazy, melodic pop songs have irresistible momentum, but a momentum that's infused with ambiguity and doubt. In my head, [The] Caseworker's songs best suit those funny, downbeat indie movies in which every song on the soundtrack is good, conveying that the director has impeccable music taste!

'National Runner', the addictive opening track on their latest album Letters For Coast, also opens my compilation of Hidden Shoal alt.pop/rock:

There's also a video for the track on my YouTube channel if you want to witness the song as a soundtrack to the athletic prowess of incredible Ethiopian long-distance runner Miruts Yifter:

If you're interested in licensing [The] Caseworker's music for your creative project, please contact tim@dots-and-loops.com

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