Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hidden Shoal alt.pop/rock compilation

Now We're Active
Just a reminder that I've also compiled a ten-track compilation of alt.pop/rock stuff from the Hidden Shoal roster that's available for licensing via dots and loops. It kicks off with the dreamy garage-pop of [The] Caseworker's 'National Runner' and concludes with Umpire's majestic 'Cyclones Into Sunshowers', visiting Salli Lunn, Iretsu, Boxharp, Chris Mason, Rich Bennett, Kramies, Glassacre and City Of Satellites along the way. Plenty of melody-driven mastery to fill the air with.

Check out the comp on Soundcloud:

If you're interested in licensing the music of any of these artists for use in your creative project, please contact

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